Saturday, January 15, 2011


"So after snow comes fire, and even dragons have their ending..." ~J.R.R. Tolkien

I started writing this particular blog post about my recent trip.  I'll talk about it in a minute but I need to vent first if that's OK.

Saw this guy I met a few times.  Eric, the Coffee Shop Guy, for those keeping score.  I don't have a lot of free time for dating, so when I do it's really precious to me.  I thought we had hit it off pretty well.  He called me after the first meeting.  That night.  And again the next morning.  And for days on end.  It seemed to be going really great. 

Then last night I get an e-mail through Facebook telling me I'm a really great lady and all but he doesn't have the time or ability to see me anymore.  That's all well and good, but to do it on Facebook?    And then unfriends me.  OK, well that just pisses me off.  And what "ability" do you need to see someone?  No signals, no arguments.  What's that all about?  Just how crappy did the relationship have to be to warrant an "unfriending"?

Common consensus is that he's a coward and isn't good enough for me.  You've got that right on both counts.  Yeah, I know.  The man of my dreams is waiting around the corner and all that jazz.   But I really liked this guy, so it hurt.  Big time.

Well, enough about that.  This week I felt a lot like Gilligan.  I set off for an overnight trip and ended up being gone over four days.  I got snowed in in a small town in South Carolina.  Along the way I met some pretty great friends!

Shannon worked the desk at the hotel.  And at the bar when she got off from the deskwork.  She went above and beyond getting me booked in for the extra nights.  Her and all of the workers that ended up staying for the week were super.  Granted, it was the Hilton (and I have developed a weakness for French-milled soap), but they made what could have been a stressful situation a blast!

Sakiya works at Cato's.  I had to go shopping.  I only had one outfit.  What I really mean is that I had a blessed free day that allowed me to update my wardrobe in a very positive way lol.  Sakiya was the only one who showed up to work that day and I was her only customer.  She made me feel like I was shopping on Saks Fifth Avenue.  She even rolled the rack into the dressing room.  I got to try on tons of outfits in peace and quiet (which never happens).  And I got the cutest shoes!  They are really hot and I'm usually not a shoe person.  Did I mention the awesome shoes I got?

Cynthia was my co-pilot at the airport.  She was there for a 5:30 flight and mine was supposed to be at 6 (that's a.m.).  I have a ton in common with her and we talk until the plane finally gets off of the ground.  Despite de-icers, broken gas trucks, inoperable bathrooms, and canceled flights.  Here's to strong women who claw their way out of bad relationships and make a great life for themselves!

So, in spite of guys who don't have the balls (yeah, I went there) to tell me to my face or at least on the phone that it's not working out, I'll be OK.  I have some really great friends, both old and new, that will get me through the toughest of storms.  And I may not be a dragon, but I am a Scorpio and it's not a really good idea to cross me.  I will come back stronger and wiser for the journey.  So, until the right guy comes along, watch out for the fire... I have a blog :)


  1. If a blog isn't enough, just remember I've got my guitar. We can write a song and sing it at the top of our lungs. I can't make the sting of your hurt go away, but I hope it helps to know you've got a friend who cares.

  2. Michele, I wish I knew you were in SC, I would have come to meet you. Where were you? It was pretty cold here so you probably thought you were in Michigan or Always good to have blogging friends. They will kick butt if you ask them. As for the guy, what a jerk! Be glad. What kind of character does he have!!