Sunday, October 31, 2010


"Chance is perhaps the pseudonym of God when he does not wish to sign his work." ~Anotole France

I've told you I have been looking for a house.  Yes, it's a buyers' market, but in my price range the majority of the houses are foreclosures.  Which sucks.  Many times the people have left a lot of things behind.  Sometimes old furniture.  One had a military uniform with all of the medals still attached.  Scattered toys.  The worst was the house with the children's heights penciled in on the door jamb.  

I've also been through four Real Estate agents so far.  The first was Anthony, the really bad Real Estate Agent (at least that's how he is listed in my phone as I never got his last name). Worked off a pager.  Like he couldn't afford a $40 cell phone from Walmart?  Must not have been selling houses.  I know why.  The second one I called at least six times and never got a response.  The third one only knows me as Melisa even though I filled out a document with all of my information on it.  The fourth one wouldn't return my calls for weeks at a time.  My Dad finally recommended a lady he used to skate with.  Before you ask, Dad still goes skating, so it's not from his childhood lol.  Sue's great!

This particular Wednesday we are looking at three houses.  One is in the perfect location.  Half a block from the kids school.  Has a nice yard but a weird layout and small bedrooms.  It's at the very top of my price range.  The next one is trashed so we head over to see the third house. This one is further out than I would have preferred.  Smaller yard but is in better shape.  And is 15k cheaper than the other one.  We walk into the house.  A little boy answers the door.  I haven't been in one that is still occupied yet.  Everything in my price range so far has been vacant.

The owner shows us around.  I'm about in tears knowing this guy is losing his house and showing it to us in front of his young son.  They both seem to be taking it well though.  I can actually see us living in this house.  Christmas tree here, beds there.  This just might be the one.

Sue asks him some questions.  After a few, I realize what she's doing.  She's trying to set him up with me.  OMG!  This is hilarious.  Not exactly what I was expecting while I was house hunting.  She leaves her card and tells him to call us when his band is playing and maybe we can stop up to listen.  We laugh about it in the driveway and I tell her I'll make my decision in the morning.  I now do what I normally do when trying to make a decision: divide and conquer.  I spent the next 4 hours researching both houses.  Tax values, sales history, school districts; the works.  Everything is pointing to the third house.  But am I choosing this one because of the owner?  

Regardless, the next day I make an offer.  I pick the third one.  Fill out all of the paperwork.  And there was a ton of it.  Now all I can do is wait.  Really?  Just how well do you know me?  Dad's with me helping to corral the kids while I sign.  So we went over to show Dad where the house was. The owner wasn't home. We go to leave and my truck wouldn't start.  OK God.  I get the message.  We're not leaving yet.  There's a reason that out of the blue my truck isn't starting.  Neither Dad nor I have jumper cables. Call my sis-in-law and she is going to bring some over but can't get there for twenty minutes.

In the meantime, the owner comes home. He lets us go in the house and look. Dad takes the kids outside. So we talk for a few.  I tell him a bit about my journey so far and how God has really carried us.  Also tell him that I made an offer on the house but that I'm in my apartment until February and that he can stay in this one until then if I get it to help him get back on his feet.  He plays the guitar for me. He's really good.  By now the truck is ready, so I ask the owner if he can call me when his band is playing. He asks me what I'm doing the Friday night. I'm supposed to go to a bonfire at a friend's house so I ask him if he wants to come too.

So, long story short, I had a date.  With a very handsome, soon to be homeless guy.  Perhaps it wasn't the house that God intended for me to buy and there was another purpose to all of this. We'll have to see...

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  1. Michele...stranger things have happened. Just go with it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Right? I hope the sale goes through for you. And good for you for being strong enough to want to take on a mortgage at this time in your life. Strong woman!!!