Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Friends I Haven't Met Yet

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too?  I thought I was the only one.' "~ C.S. Lewis

I've already told you about my bff's back in TN.  I will have to catch you up with the ones in Ohio at a later date.  Today I want to talk about friends I've made that I've never met.  Yeah, I know that sounds weird.  I mean - just how close can you become with someone you've never met.  Pretty darned close in my experience.

Facebook has been an important link for me to all of my friends and acquaintances.  It's how I kept in touch with my family when I lived in Tennessee and how I keep in touch with those I left back there.  It's how I became re-acquainted with people I had not seen in decades.  And it's also how I've come to know some really incredible people.  I can't mention everyone, but here a few that stand out for me.

I met Jen through my friend Teresa.   She's the one that turned me on to blogging.  She's a published author (yeah!) and a really great lady.  Her friend Jen just happened to be writing a book.  A book about a single mom who is moving from TN to OH with her child and finds true love.  See any similarities?  Well, Teresa got me a signed copy of Jen's book (The Heart's Journey Home)It was amazing how so many things in the book mirrored my life.

Jen and I became friends through my journey.  She shared with us her Patty, whom we lost this year to cancer.  I was blessed to have met Patty and her husband in person.  Another connection made through "friends I haven't met yet."  Jen is going to be releasing her second book soon and I can't wait.  She has asked me to be a guest blogger on her blog (I'm so excited!), so I'll be posting a link for that soon!

I've met two really great photographers through FB - Jim and Larry.  I met Jim through another friend I hadn't met yet but finally have Helena.  She had posted a link to some of his amazing photography.  Larry is right up there with him in talent.  They both have the same camera I do and give me some excellent advice on taking pictures.  They also challenge me to do better and keep my camera with me more often.  Check out their pics if you can. 

I have also met Barb.  I didn't meet Barb through FB but through my blog.  She is one of my most loyal followers and never ceases to lend a hand up or give an atta girl.  She's a great writer and I love her view of the world.  As bad as some of my past dates were, Barb shared some that made me thankful for what I did have.  She finally found her true love and helped keep my faith up that I would too.

Barb gave me my first blog award.  Wayne's keeping me pretty busy and I haven't been able to acknowledge it properly.  So here it is. 

I'm so tickled to get it.  Now the fun part:  I get to pay it forward.  Not in the "secret do-something-good-for-someone" way but the "shout-it-out-to-the-world" way I can from this really cool blog.  So, here are my five blogger pics:
~Teresa's blog (the inspiration for it all) 
~Jen, the author's blog 
 ~My other friend Jennifer's blog
~A temporarily single mom's adventure 
~I'm sure Dan doesn't need another award, but his Single Dad Laughing blog is awesome and a great source of inspiration.

Please check out these blogs when you get a chance.  Maybe it will help you understand just a little better how I got like this lol!


  1. Thank you!! Now I better go and update my blog ;)

  2. Michele, you are just too sweet for saying those nice things. I just write off the cuff and when I first read your blog I liked what you had to say. I'm so happy you found a great guy and that life is looking up for you. Enjoy the award and thank you again for the blog love. Hugs

  3. Aw Michele. I want you to know that when you chose to divorce and leave TN, go back home to OH, I couldn't for the life of me wonder why. Why go back to that cold place? My grandfather lived in Cleveland and to me the biggest part of my memories are the dirty snow and the dead fish in the lake. I know things have changed over the years there but I live in TN where everything is green and you sneeze your head off. So why leave here?

    So now I get it.

    You are at home, you feel at home, you are comfortable at home, your home at home.

    You have blossomed in the last year. You have found yourself. You have become the Michele that was aching to come out of that cocoon and be the beautiful butterfly. I applaud you.

    You made the right decision to leave at the time you did. So much has changed and believe me, it has been very difficult. I still miss you so much. I don't have many people around to make me laugh so hard I could pee in my pants. I do so miss that. But you are happy and that is what counts.

    I still have dibs on the very first edition of your first book. And yes, it must be signed by you, not some secretary that does it for you.

    I may not respond to every blog, but I do read every one of them. It is like me waiting on the next Mary Higgins Clark novel to come out. I read them and reread until the next printing.

    I am so happy you have found yourself and happiness has come to adorn you with it's gentle touch.

    Miss you my friend.