Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So.  We went to the drive-in Saturday.  I figured it would be a good stress reliever.  We met up with several of the girls' friends from school.  They all hung out in the back of my truck.  We've known this group since the girls were about two from the day care, so it was really tough realizing we weren't going to see them very often after this. We saw Toy Story 3 first.  I don't want to give away the ending, but lets just say the toys find a home.  So I cried.  It was happy tears.  I mean, I know they're just toys and it's just a movie, but we've grown up with them.  Oh yeah, I'm still talking about the toys, right?

My three ended up crashing within ten minutes of the beginning of the Prince of Persia.  So I decide to finish it.  Bad idea.  Sappy love story?  What was I thinking?  I mean, Jake Gyllenhaal is hot, but maybe a romance probably isn't the best thing for me to be watching right now.  I mean, most people won't see a 39-yr-old with three kids as their princess.   The problem is - I'm an incurable romantic.  I still believe in true love even though I don't get to see it up close and personal very often.  I still want the fairy tale.  I know this is unrealistic, but I've always been told “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars” (Brian Littrell).  So, as with almost everything I do, I'm still shooting for the moon on this one.  And to make matters worse, on Sunday I rented Leap Year and Dear John.  Oh, boy!  I'm in trouble now.  Isn't there a new Jason movie out or something?  How did I end up with two more tear-jerking chick flicks?

On a lighter note, we rented the original "Karate Kid" for the children to watch.  At first they didn't want to watch an "old" movie, but they came out kicking and doing the crane with bandannas tied to their head begging to take karate lessons when we get to Cleveland.  So karate it is.  I'm not sure the world is ready for this.

Today was a pretty big day for me.  I put in my official resignation at work.  July 23rd.  You know, the job I've worked for the past seventeen years?  That one.  It was kind of a bittersweet moment.  I'm excited for the future, but I'm really going to miss a lot of people.  We've grown up together.  I've seen marriages and the birth of their children (some of which are about to go to college!).  We've seen a lot of people move on and even lost a few great friends.  I will dearly miss you guys.  It was a moment that three months ago I never would have believed would happen.  Oh, and no, I don't have a job yet.  HUGE leap of faith! Pray for me!

So, five weeks left. Maybe six if I don't get the new job right away.  It's going to be crazy.  I wonder if my Fairy Godmother will come wave her wand and sort the seventeen years worth of stuff I've accumulated?  Probably not.  But if she does I'll let you know.  Until then, I guess I had better get off the computer and start sorting.  Or I'm going to need a bigger U-Haul! 

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