Monday, February 14, 2011

Alone but not lonely...

"You cannot be lonely if you like the person you are alone with."~Wayne Dyer

It's Valentine's Day weekend.  Flowers and candy boxes are everywhere.  The store shelves are spilling over with red.  You can't turn on the TV without a diamond ring commercial.  It's pretty obvious it is a weekend for love.

Where do I find myself this year?  I am single for the first time since I was 16.  No one to go shopping for.  No big plans for the weekend.  It's kind of strange.  All of the other holidays are planned around the kids.  But this one was always for the adults.  Well - all except the 4 dozen cupcakes that I have to make each year.  

Had a guy at the craft fair tell me I needed to have my husband by a particular item.  Told him the ex probably wasn't interested in doing that.  Then he told me to have my boyfriend do it - strike two!  Last he suggested I needed to find a man to do that for me - and you're out!  I would have bought it for myself if he hadn't gone there...

I am alone.  As alone as I can be with three kids 95% of the time.   I don't have a man by my side.  Didn't have the romantic dinner and there won't be a store-bought box of chocolates on the table when I wake up in the morning.  No token card bought as an afterthought.

But it's OK.  Actually more than OK.  Because 1 - I know that special person will come into my life eventually.  And it won't just be a gift because he has to.  It will be because he picked out a special gift for me just to see me smile.  2 - I've been so blessed.  I have so many amazing people in my life.  Some I've known for a long time.  Some have wandered into my life more recently.  Every one of them is a blessing.  And 3 - because like the quote says, I really like the person I am alone with.  It's nice to be able to say that.  Not only do I like her - I LOVE her!  I am proud of who she is becoming.  Better yet - I am content with who she is now.  I am happy sitting in the solitude with her.  Such as that quiet time is...

So, yeah, I'm alone this year.  May be that way for a while.  Who knows?   But I am in no way lonely.  I'm having way too much fun with this crazy, fun-loving person known as me to ever be that way.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!  If you've got 'em, love 'em.  If not, just give someone a hug that needs it more than you do!


  1. I thinks it's a great day for telling your kids you love them.

  2. It is a great day for that! I took them to a hockey game for Valentine's Day and we had a blast!