Thursday, February 10, 2011

Finding Someone

"The one thing I am waiting for in life is finding someone who knows all my mistakes, flaws and weaknesses and still thinks I am completely amazing!" ~Unknown

Sorry for the hiatus.  Life's been kind of crazy this week.  Just typical supermom stuff, nothing very interesting or blog-worthy.  Just busy.  But you know how it is.

Back to the online dating. Whee. Hmmm.  Some days I am just trying to figure out why I continue to torture myself.  Once in a while I meet a semi-normal person and have a few good conversations.  Even more rare is when I find a friend.   I decided to update my profile and quit wasting time.  This is what I put:

"Alright my paid time on eH is almost up. So I'm putting it all out there to get past the games...  For the short term, I'm just looking to date. Someone that's over their ex, not jaded by their past, still hopeful for the future. Positive people only please. My time's too valuable not to be happy. In long run I will accept nothing but the best. I'm not going settle for any less than I deserve. I'm a great person. Well-rounded. Intelligent. Attractive. I'm not a supermodel but I'm still quite beautiful. I'm a very giving person and expect the same in return.  

Honestly, I'm looking for Soccer Dad. That guy when I say we have a Cub Scout camp out, he says "that sounds great - can I come along?"  Someone who understands what it means to be with a lady with young kids. Especially one that works. Our weeks are busy. We work hard. We play hard. We're on the go a lot. But we're learning to make the most out the the time we have. And yes, I say "we". There's four of us, not just me. Love me, love my kids. So you wonder where you'll fit in... well there's room for more in our lives.  We have a lot of love and chaos to share."

Yeah, I know.  Pretty blunt.  But to the point.  I mean, really...what do I have to lose?  So I lose a few potential dates.  Most of them run for their lives when they find out I have 3 kids.  Or that I'm 40.  Most likely, I'll just weed out a few more weirdos.  Apparently a lot of guys take single mom of 3 to equal desperate.  Especially the young guys.  I did an experiment on this but I'll leave that for another blog...

So, as I've said before, I'm not in a hurry.  I'm not sure if I want to be married again anytime soon.  I might if the right person comes along.  But I'm not desperate.  I'm quite satisfied with who and where I am right now.  I really just want some adult conversation and perhaps take in a good movie/bowling game/theater show etc...  Get out once in a while when I don't have the kids.  If it's a good date - wonderful.  If not, hey - I always could use new topics for my blog lol!

P.S.  If you are online dating - check out the blog here.  There are some really interesting analysis (analysees?) going on. 

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  1. Sorry last one didn't work out. Keep just having fun!!