Sunday, July 4, 2010


"What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out." - Alfred Hitchcock

I love my family.  I really do.  They are amazing.  But with a large family comes a lot of drama.  I've had to deal with it my entire life.  It's a large part of why I moved away in the first place.  Got hit in the face with it again yesterday.  This person not coming to so-and-so's house because they're not talking to that one because of something that happened and they probably don't remember what caused the argument in the first place.  And then this one isn't talking to that one because they went to the other person's house last spring or whatever.  It sucks.  

My generation of cousins grew up with this on both sides.  I didn't see most of my extended family for years because of one reason or another.  I missed out on so many experiences because the adults couldn't work things out.  It's still going on today.  It's sad when my cousins and I realize this and just want to get past all the hurt but others just can't move on.  I love everyone and I don't want to have to take sides.  Just call me Switzerland.  

So you know, I will be spending times with all of my family members.  I am not doing this to hurt anyone's feelings.  I'm not doing it because I like one person more than another.  I'm doing it because I love them and they're family.  All of them.  That's what families do.  They get past the petty stuff.  Love you for who you are in spite of their differences.  So please don't get mad or get your feelings hurt.  I love all of you.  Maybe - just maybe - my generation can put an end to all of this and we can be one big happy family.  Oh - and maybe I'll win the powerball this week too! 

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