Thursday, September 9, 2010


"Grace isn't about having a second chance; grace is having so many chances that you could use them through all eternity and never come up empty.  It's when you finally realize that the other shoe isn't going to drop, ever.  It's the moment you feel as precious and handmade as every star, when you feel, finally, at home for the very first time." ~ Mike Clark 

We all make mistakes.  Even me, believe it or not.  Poor choices.  Bad decisions.  Things we look back after some time with regret.  Sometimes we just take the wrong fork in the road.  Perhaps, if we're lucky, the wrong path eventually leads back to the right one.

I'm pretty sure I'm back on the right path.  It took me a while.  A long while.  Lots of detours and scenic routes.  I'm sure I still have a ways to go.  This is what usually happens when I take a wrong turn.  It takes much longer to get there than if I just took the right path in the first place.  

But there were lessons to learn, I suppose.  God was making me stronger.  Forging me into what he wanted.  If you know anything about steel, it has to be heated and cooled repeatedly to make it stronger.  I've been back in that fire quite a few times.  He must have really big plans for me!

So since I am so stubborn, He has blessed me with his grace many, many times.  I am in awe of the fact that my chances are virtually endless.  He is carrying me even now - even when I don't make the right choices every time.  Maybe this is why for the first time, I truly do feel like I'm at home.   


  1. Every time I try to leave a comment, I get an ugly note from the little computer man who lives on the other side of your blog. This time he told me that I used illegal characters. Well, I have known some illegal characters in my day, but I certainly did not use them on my comment profile.

    But, as I wanted to say prior to my fight with your blog patrol, I am very happy you are at peace. I am at the other end of the spectrum. Dazed and confused and trying to deal with illegal characters. :-)

  2. All those wrong turns I took in my life definitely made me a much stronger person and that strength has gotten me through some of the darkest times a person can go through. I'm still happy, nutty and love living life no matter what it brings.