Thursday, September 23, 2010


"Tears are the words that the heart can't express." ~Unknown

I had some other things to blog about this week.  Sweet.  Funny.  But two events have happened that have changed my heart again.  Terrible ones.  Horrific.  Incomprehensible.  I am not writing on these events to make their friends and families hurt even more.  I want to share these with the rest of you in hopes that you will pray for the ones left behind.

The first was a murder-suicide here in Eastlake.  It involved a couple in the middle of a divorce.  One of the children found her parents.  Two small children must try to live on.  

Hard to believe something could be worse than that.  But this is.  A beautiful woman and her two small boys brutally murdered yesterday in my previous hometown in Tennessee.  Who does this?  I've been mad at people.  Really mad.  But to kill two beautiful babies?  The sickness and evil that would take is beyond my comprehension.

I am still reeling from the murder of a close friend's grandson's murder in February.  I held this baby in my arms.  My children played with him.  To look at his pictures and realize that we would never see this precious little boy again in this lifetime is heartbreaking.  

I personally had never known such sorrow until then.  It was worse than even my miscarriage.  He was flesh and blood.  But so much more.  Haydon was a bundle of energy and a blessing to every life he touched.  I imagine these other two boys were the same.  I know God has a special place for them, but it doesn't make it any easier for those of us left here.  

You don't get over something like that.  You might get through it, but it never goes away.  You get numb.  There is no justification or justice.  Nothing can bring them back.  

So, we go on.  Because we have to.  Our families are counting on us.  We must be strong.  We set the example for our children so they know how to react.  But inside, deep inside, the pain never truly goes away.  God bless you that are living with this.  I hope He is able to carry you beyond this. 


  1. Wow! This truly made me cry. I am blessed to read your post and hear your heart cry out. I too have been through some horrific things in my life. I want to move past it and continue to work on that every day. It's soooo hard though, knowing that the people who hurt us are still out there walking the streets freely as if nothing ever happened. May GOD bring justice to all of us who have never gotten it here!!

  2. Bruce has a saying every time he hears of stories like this. "The graves are full of good and the streets are full of bad". It is so true too. It makes no sense to us and that's because he have a conscience and feelings. I do believe that there are people out there who look at life in the same manner they look at a blank book. No emotions, no feelings whatsoever. Why else would they do these things? It is beyond comprehension. Thank you for sharing this story.