Saturday, September 18, 2010

Starbucks and Carpetball

Since our move up here, we've been searching for a new church home.  Makes it a little difficult since there are four people helping to make this decision.  We had been to a couple.  One was way too big.  We got lost in the shuffle.  Another was too small.  Now I feel like Goldilocks.

So we go to the one that was actually my first choice when I was searching online.  Jacob goes to his children's church class and the girls and I go to the service.  Of course it's the "I'm bored, did you bring anything to color with, do you have some gum, when is it over" routine with them.  Not too much interest.  Until the guest missionary asks if anyone likes Starbucks.  Kiara's hand shoots up.  He's playing a cute game of Who Wants to be a Millionaire.  So each of the people who raised their hands gets to play for a bar of German chocolate.  Kiara, being so shy (said with sarcasm), goes up and answers her question and gets the chocolate.  Someone gave Brianna their bar, so all is good in the world.  Bright smiles.  

After the service there's a potluck lunch.  Nothing like a large group of Baptist women to feed a bunch of people.  Great food and lots of chocolate deserts.  The kids are happy.  They go down to the rec room to play while I get to know some of the other mothers.  I make some new friends and so do the kids.  I go down to gather up my rugrats and they don't want to leave now.  Typical.  First they don't want to go and now they don't want to leave.  They're playing carpetball?  What's up with these "sports" up North?  Carpetball, cornhole....  And you make fun of us Southerners?  Well, at least a Southern transplant in my case.  We played volleyball and horseshoes.  None of these redneck games.

So, anyways, the kids loved the church.  All because of Starbucks and a game called carpetball. :)

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  1. Sounds like you found a good place for yourselves. Kids are so easy to please aren't they? Too bad adults can't all get along like children do. Where is home now? I'm a Jersey Girl moved to Connecticut moved to South Carolina. So am curious where you are and where you're from.