Sunday, August 29, 2010


"We cannot change yesterday, and we cannot predict tomorrow, but we can live today.  So be alive.  Never let one day pass by without a smile." ~Unknown

I can't tell you what an amazing feeling it is to be alive.   Not just breathing and walking around, but really alive.  You might have known this feeling for a long time, but I haven't.  Everything is so much more.  Exciting.  Uplifting.  Brighter.  Bolder.  Exhilarating.

We are rounding the corner into week 3.  Every day has presented itself with some pretty great memories.  Not everything has turned out exactly as expected.  But good in the end.  School was awesome.  All three kids loved it.  Thank God!  Work, well, was a bit overwhelming at first but I got some great advice from a great friend and that too worked itself out.  Life is settling into a little pattern now.  Well, not really.  But maybe it has a sense of normalcy to it.

Well, about the being alive part.  I keep finding myself just breathing in and realizing how good it feels.  Staring up at the sky thanking Him for getting my life back.  And the one who woke me up.  But it feels good to breathe.  And to feel.  And to truly be happy.  Besides my kids, I guess I never knew how good it felt to be happy.  And content.  And really, really comfortable in my skin.  That feels REALLY good!

So, I am going to continue living.  Really living.  And you know if you see me there will be a smile on my face :)

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