Thursday, August 12, 2010


"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget." - G. Randolf

As you know, I am leaving home to go home.  A bit confusing you say.  Well, I'm leaving my home of the last seventeen years to go back home.  When I do this, I am leaving some truly incredible friends behind.  Some of them have been there through the beginning and now the end of my marriage, my boys from another mother growing up, the birth of my three rug rats, and now my eventual move back to Cleveland.  Some of them are newer acquisitions.  But all of them completely loyal and wonderful.

I've also been lucky to become reacquainted with some friends from my past.  I've just had an incredible outpouring of love and support.  I can't tell you what it means to me.  

I want to say "thank you" to those of you who have been there for me.  The ones who will drop what they are doing to listen to me ramble on about my life, my doubts, and my hopes and dreams.  The ones living these new experiences with me.  The ones who share their lives with me, opening up and trusting me.  I am honored to be that person.  

I would especially like to thank three very special people.  This is in no way to meant to leave anyone out.  But these three have been closest to my heart and I believe I have been the same for them. I love you with all of my heart and I always will!

I was told recently that I didn't realize who my friends were.  I told them that Michelle and Kristina would give me the shirts off their back.  And Kimmie would kill for me.  He didn't know me and Kimmie were so close.  We are.  But besides our friendship, Kimmie would really kill for me.  Just for the fun of it.  That's my Kim.  She probably really wouldn't kill.  Maybe.  I wouldn't test her on this though.   She's my party girl.  She brings out that part of me I keep really hidden.  I've never really been a wild child.  But she helps me be comfortable with my adventurous side and I love her for it.  She is, as they all are, fiercely loyal.  

Kristina is a bit more reserved.  She's my beautiful hapa-houle.  My buddy from Hawaii.  She doesn't exactly fit in here any more than this Damn Yankee does.  Although she's younger, she has taught me so much.  How to be patient.  How to stay friends with your ex and always do the best for your kids no matter what.   And she's truly believed in me.  Supported me up in decisions even though it goes against everything she wants.  Been there through the extreme happiness and gut-wrenching tears.  And holds my head and gently consoles me telling me everything will work out but knowing full well I will continue to make the same mistakes again because I just can't help myself. If I could pack her and her wonderful boys in my suitcase and take them with me, I would. 

And then there's Michelle.  No paragraph could ever sum up what a friend she's been to me.  She's been closer than a sister.  More than a best friend.  She has been my family down here.  We've lived a lifetime together.  Without her I seriously doubt I would have my girls. I would definitely not have as much sanity as I have left.  She's opened my world to so many new experiences.  She challenges me to be a better supermom and has truly shown me what being a friend means.  This amazing woman shows up at my house at midnight the night before my girls' Christening because my sewing machine stopped working.  Brought her own machine and stayed there until the dresses were finished.  I don't even remember what time that ended up being.  She's always looking out for me.  She has twins a few years older and we've been able to learn from them as they grow up together.  She has given more than I could ever repay and would never expect it.  So I try to take what she has taught me and pay it forward.  

I know that I have some amazing friends both old and new waiting for me in Ohio.  But I am leaving behind a huge part of me here with these girls.  I would never be able to leave if I didn't already know we will always be friends and will keep it touch forever.

So here's to friends both old and new.  To lasting memories and new experiences.  Thank you all for taking this tarnished, not-so-perfect girl on as a friend.

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  1. I just thought of our old Brownie song...
    "Make new friends...but keep the is silver and the other gold." :) have been truly blessed to have such good friends there in TN. -Mom :)