Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wish Upon A Star

"For my part I know nothing with any certainty but the sight of the stars makes me dream." ~Van Gogh

I saw a shooting star tonight.  An honest-to-God streak across the sky shooting star.  A million thoughts crossed my mind: "Do I wish for a job, winning the lottery, true love?  Are you supposed to say something before you say your wish? Star light, star bright... no, that's the wrong one.  Argh!  I need to wish for something good.  Is there a time limit on how long you can take to make your wish? Is it too late?"  Did I ever tell you my mind is usually on hyperdrive?  Kinda scary getting a glimpse in there, huh?

What do you use a perfectly good shooting star wish on? I mean, it's a once-in-a lifetime opportunity, right?  Just how often do you get to see a shooting star?  It's actually like 84% chance of seeing one in an hour.  Yeah, I googled it.  Who comes up with that kind of figure?  That would mean I should see one every night.  (I live out in the country; cell phone service sucks; I have to talk outside to get anyone to hear me.  So yes, I'm outside almost every night for about an hour.)  And yet, this was the first star I've seen this year and it was a big one.  My luck a satellite just burned up in the atmosphere.  Or maybe it was space junk.

I'm still avoiding the question: what to wish for?  I'm in pretty good health.  I have three beautiful children.  Oh yeah - no job.  So I might have wished for that.  But I'm not quite sure I want the job I'm going for now and my dream job was given to someone else.  I'll have to tell you about the burnt bridges in another blog.  True love?  But that's so complicated too.  Well, with the lottery I don't need the first one and the second would be sooo much easier to come by. Fame?  Ah, who needs that - I have Facebook and this awesome blog.  Maybe that sexy little Dodge Charger I raced through Kentucky last week...

So I think my time limit has expired on the wishing thing.  It seems I have everything I need anyways.   As my friend Cooper would say "Do you need it or do you want it?"  So I used the wish for a want.  But I can't tell you what it was for yet.  Google said so :)

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